Wall or Floor


Hydronic Heating systems are most commonly either WALL or FLOOR systems.

When considering Hydronic Wall heating systems, the most common type of system is an “On-Wall’ which are typically Radiator Panels. But Hydronic Wall Heating can also be installed within the wall which we refer to as “In-Wall” systems. In a similar to the way In Slab (Floor systems) are installed, a network of pipework is laid within the walls.

Whilst not particularly common, an In-Wall Hydronic system is cutting edge, space saving, can be capable of heating multiple rooms at the same time. These systems offer a unique style of gentle heat radiating out from walls.

On Wall Systems

Most commonly Hydronic Heating wall systems are installed in front of the wall in the form of Radiator Panels. Radiator Panels come in many shapes, sizes and styles to blend with your home.

In Wall Systems

In the same way Hydronic Heating can be laid in the floor slab, pipe work can also be installed within walls to create an In Wall Hydronic Heating System.

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