Geo Thermal Heating is a principal that uses very stable underground temperature as the heat source for your Hydronic Heating System. Essentially ‘loops’ of pipework which run underground either horizontally or vertically are heated by the earth and then transferred to heat your home.

There are many benefits of a Geo Thermal as a heat source for Hydronic Heating including:

      • Energy efficient
      • Cost effective
      • Environmentally friendly
      • Stable even heat source
      • Quiet
      • Space Saving
      • Safe
      • Clean
      • Flexible
      • Reliable

As well as being space saving and unobtrusive, because Geothermal Systems are not subjected to the harsh effects of outdoor weather conditions, units are much longer lasting than other types of heat sources.

Discuss the options of Geo Thermal heating as a reliable heat source for your Hydronic Heating System with the expert team at Rosetta Hydronic Heating today.

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