Hydronic Heated towel rails are the ultimate in bathroom luxury. They provide both radiant heat to the bathroom whilst keeping towels dry, fluffy and warm.

Heated towel rails can be heated by a Hydronic Heating system circulating warm water through the unit. Or water filled sealed units can be heated electrically either plug in or hard wired. Both systems can be controlled by room thermostats or central heating controls.

Heated Towel Rails come in many styles, shapes, sizes, colours and configurations so they can be incorporated into the architectural feature of your bathroom or laundry adding style and functionality.

Hydronic Towel Rail

In a centrally Heated Hydronic towel rail, water is circulated through a metallic towel rail which gently warms the unit and room. A modern and stylish addition to any beautiful bathroom renovation.

Water Filled Towel Rail

Towel Rails filled with water are heated electrically in either a plug in or hard wired connection. An element gently warms the water which in turn radiates into towels and the room.

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