Air Source Hydronic Heating (Air to Water) Heat Pumps

With an increasing number of families looking into alternative means of keeping their homes warm over winter, Hydronic heating systems have started to see huge popularity in the Tasmanian market. Air to Water heat pumps are a very efficient form of heat source for Hydronic heating systems. They are cost effective, quiet, efficient, self sufficient, come in an arrange of sizes, are readily available and are a great choice of heat source for most Hydronic Heating systems both small and large.

Air to Water heat pumps utilise energy in the air to produce heat and transfer this into the water that is then circulated through pipework and/or radiator panels in your Hydronic Heating system to heat your home. Some Air to Water Heat Pumps are so advanced now that they can heat the Hydronic Heating system water as well as the Domestic Hot Water (DHW) used throughout the household such as washing up, cleaning and personal washing. These are referred to as dual purpose, combination or ‘combi’ Hydronic heat pump systems.

Hydronic Heat Pumps

Air to Water Heat Pumps used for Hydronic Heating systems feature both an indoor and an outdoor unit similar to a standard air to air heat pump. They come in many brands and sizes and Rosetta Hydronic Heating will recommend the most suitable for your needs.

Dual Purpose or Combi Air to Water Heat Pumps

Dual Purpose, Combination or ‘Combi’ Air to Water Heat Pumps provide one system for both your heating and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) requirements in your home. Instead of having two separate systems these are a dual purpose unit designed for both purposes in mind.

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