Thermostats & Controls

Your Rosetta Hydronic Heating system is only as good as the thermostats and controls you are able to use to control it. Many Hydronic Heating installing companies are able to bolt together an ‘off the shelf’ packaged unit, but to truly control the system allowing multiple heat sources giving output to multiple heating options in a user friendly and most efficient way is a much more involved art. simply having a Hydronic Heating system is only half the story….. Thermostats and Controls allow so much more.

Our carefully selected range of thermostats allow you to keep things the perfect temperature, no matter the weather. Choose from non-programmable or programmable options, allowing you to set timers and have the temperature exactly as you like it, at any hour of the day – warm for when you get home, cool while you’re away.

As you introduce different heat sources including Solar, Wood, Gas and even Geo Thermal, the more advanced controls your system will need to be able it to function correctly. On our larger and ore complex systems, our experts will custom build the carefully tailored thermostats and controls enabling finger tip control year round.


  • Scheduled heating period
  • Feature rich and user friendly interface
  • Precision temperature control
  • Smart intuitive thermostats to adapt to your life patterns
  • Modern, sleek, packed with features
  • Custom built options to combine multiple heat sources