In Screed & In Slab Heating

In Screed and In Slab hydronic heating is where a network of pipe work is laid embedded in your concrete floors. When operational, warm water is circulated throughout the pipework to give a wonderful warmth to the concrete surface you walk on.

Rosetta Hydronic Heating is proudly recognised as an installer of Rehau piping and fittings for your In Screed or In Slab Hydronic Heating system. All Rosetta Hydronic heating systems are installed using genuine Rehau and piping systems and fully inspected and tested prior to your concrete pour . Manufactured in Europe, Rehau’s patented compression fittings are covered by the market leading manufacturer’s warranty.

Rehau’s unique expansion and compression system also guarantees no internal reduction of line diameter, ensuring superior water flow throughout the hydronic system. Additional Armaflex, rubber insulation is then installed over the pipework to ensure absolute minimum heat loss and ultimate operational efficiency.


  • Minimum heat loss
  • Ultimate operational efficiency
  • Long manufacturers warranty on pipework and fittings
  • Superb warmth throughout your concrete floor
  • Space Saving
  • Can have individual room control
  • No need for wall panels