Air to Water Heat Pumps for Hydronic Heating

The Future of Hydronic Heating….

Designed and developed in European  temperature conditions, Air to Water Hydronic Heat Pumps are the latest in modern heat sources for Hydronic Heating purposes.  A well-designed heat pump for hydronic heating can be over 400% efficient, meaning 1 Kilowatt of electricity can produce up to 4 Kilowatts of heat energy to heat your home. this is known as the Co-Efficiency of Performance or COP.

Rosetta Hydronic Heating are expert in a range of brands of Air to Water Heat Pumps including: Steibel Eltron, Daikin, Bosch and more.

Heat Pumps can be be utilised to heat domestic hot water as well as Hydronic Heating water supply in the same unit. Special models required.

Features Include:

  • Very efficient Hydronic Heat Pump heat source
  • (Typical COP: Co-Efficiency of Performance of between 3 – 5)
  • Perfect for hydronic customers with no access to Natural Gas
  • Single Phase or Three Power Supply models
  • Possible to off-set operating costs with PV solar
  • Quiet, ease of use, low maintenance, set and forget
  • Can include Domestic Hot Water Capability
  • Market Leading warranty periods